Hermes app informs about working life rules

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Welcome to the Hermes app!

In Finland, the employee and the employer must know the rules of the working life. The collective agreements – In addition to the legislation – stipulate the rights and duties at work in Finland.

The Hermes app shares the right knowledge about working and living in Finland.  

The Hermes-app shares the working-life rules of the rural and forest sectors. The rules have been agreed by the trade union Industrial Union and the employer organisations in sector-specific collective agreements.  

The app provides information for employees and employers

The employee and the employer can easily at the workplace check what has been agreed about working time, days off or free-time and cases of illness.

It does not matter if the employer and the employee speak different languages because all language versions of the app have the same information. It is easy to switch from one language version to another.

About the use of the Hermes-app

The Hermes app is free of charge for its users. The app does not collect any personal data of its users. The use of the app is anonymous.

The most essential content of the app can be opened without a mobile connection. More specific information about worklife and living in Finland requires a mobile connection (internet).  

Feedback survey

The Hermes app is improved based on feedback. Feedback will be given anonymously.

It is possible to ask questions regarding working life in the feedback survey.

If the respondent will receive answers, you must leave some contact details, such as an e-mail address.

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 A survey regarding the functionality of the app

The Hermes app is also developed with the help of survey data. Answering the survey is anonymous. The answers given cannot be linked to any respondents or their workplace.